Week In Review

I’m really pleased that I got anything done at all this week! I was visiting family who live in one of the coldest places in North America outside the Arctic. img_6290 Despite travelling across the continent (and making it back before my luggage!) I created a writing prompt and free-wrote one page about it every day. I started on a very detailed biography for the main character of my new novel based on Elizabeth George’s “Write Away: One Author’s Approach to the Novel” method and read a large part of Shirley Jackson‘s collected works.

But there’s more! Possibly the most exciting step I took to improve my writing skills this week was to enroll in 2 creative writing courses from Writers.com. Although I completed the Technical Writing program from UC Riverside in 2014 and Copy Writing courses from Humber College and St. Lawrence College, I’ve never before had the money to devote to what I perceived to be the luxury of formal Creative Writing classes. This lack really shows in my work. When I was reviewing past projects it occurred to me that, although I have many creative ideas and creative writing is my favorite hobby, following through with the execution is an area I struggle with. Hopefully these courses will teach me the skills I need to finish more projects and be an overall better writer.

So here’s to a lot of hard work, a lot of fun and (hopefully!) becoming a better creative writer in the process!

Please share your thoughts!

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